Split Bet (Two Numbers)

Split Bet (Two Numbers)

A split bet is a wager on two different numbers that are next to each other on the betting layout. By centering a chip on a single line that separates two adjacent numbers, you can bet on both of those numbers with that one chip.

Make sure that the chip does not touch a corner or it may be considered a four-number bet. There are 62 different ways to make a split bet. On our sample layout, Diagram 1-A, Chips C, D and E help illustrate how this bet can be made. Chip C is on the line between the 17 and 20, a popular split bet. If the 17 or 20 come in, the bet wins 17 to 1.

Many casinos allow patrons at the far end of the table to split the zeroes by placing it on the courtesy line. Chip D is on the courtesy line, which separates the second and third dozens. If zero or double zero results, Chip D wins. Chip E is a split bet example on the 00 and 3. Because each chip has two numbers working for it, it pays 17 to 1. As always, your original chip will be left on the layout unless you take it or ask the dealer to take it down for you.

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